Sample Requests





The Tsien lab no longer sends out samples directly.  All of our constructs, listed HERE, are available either commercially or through Addgene, to non-profit or academic institutions.  If you are a commercial enterprise who would like to license our materials, please contact Rose Murphy, Senior Licensing Officer, in the Technology Transfer office of UCSD,

To request permission to obtain a secondary DNA sample from a 3rd party who is in possession of one of our constructs:  Click Here. On the MTA under "Description of Material Provided" indicate which construct you are seeking permission to obtain, and on the line "Source, if not Tsien lab" list the PI name title, and institution from whom you will be obtaining this.

If you are willing to give a third party a DNA sample derived from our material, that third party must be in a non-profit or academic institution, send us a signed MTA, and show you a copy of that signed MTA. You are then authorized to make the transfer.

All MTAs should be emailed to, with a copy to